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EBN hired famous lawyer Chen Hen kuan as legal counsel

Introduction to Lawyer Chen Hen kuan


Current job:

Director of Kuan Dian United Law Firm

Director of Nangang Tire Co., Ltd.

Supervisor of Nanrong International Development Co., Ltd.

Director of Aidiya Industrial Co., Ltd.



Bachelor of Laws, Department of Law, National Taiwan University

Master of Business (EMBA), School of Management, National Taiwan University



Judge, New Taipei District Court, Taiwan

Administrative Division Chief and Spokesperson, New Taipei District Court, Taiwan

Judge, Financial and Medical Division, Taiwan High Court

Judge and Section Chief of the Criminal Division of the Judicial Yuan

Researcher of the Criminal Procedure Law Research and Amendment Committee of the Judicial Yuan

Examination committee member (judicial officer special exam and lawyer college entrance examination proposition and written test score)

Lectures on Criminal Judgment Practice at the Lawyer Pre-service Training Institute of the Ministry of Justice (now restructured into Lawyers College)

The 49th and 50th session of the judicial officer class of the Judicial Officer Training Institute

Judicial Training Institute Prosecutors Class Criminal Litigation Practice Lecture

Judicial Training Institute Judicial Class Criminal Law Seminar

Lectures on Criminal Law of the Judicial Personnel Research Institute of the Judicial Yuan (now restructured as Judges College)

Lecture on Criminal Trial Practice, Department of Law, National Taiwan University