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Building Automation

BPC10, BPC11

Application of energy control systems to fulfill the demands of building automation.

A generalized definition of building automation includes automated fire alarms and security, and the control system comprises the following subsystems:

  1. Variable power distribution system
  2. Lighting system
  3. Air conditioning and heating system
  4. Environmental control and water supply / drainage system
  5. Elevator system
  6. Car park management system

Modern buildings are a complex conjunction of structure, systems, and technology. It is no longer sufficient to provide a system which only includes comfort, convenience and safety. The building of the future must have its separate parts connected in an integrated, dynamic and functional way. This vision is that of a building which fulfills its mission while minimizing energy costs, achieving comprehensive energy management and reducing environmental impact. Through the reliable and multifunctional EBN terminal, equipment can be connected in series in order to achieve the kind of building automation demanded by integration planning.