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Company History

EBN Technology was founded in 2003.  Its Board of Directors mainly sits representatives from the Quanta (2382) group of companies and Para Light Electronics Co. (6226).  Research and manufacturing members come from IPC and the EMS notebook computers group.  Sales personnel compose of sales experts from Taiwan, America, Europe and Japan.  The entire senior management team at EBN is a combination of senior managers from the original Quanta Group, including the CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and CMO.

In 2014, Oracle purchased Micros for USD $5.3 million, highlighting the commercial value of POS systems under Big Data database needs and successfully bringing about the arrival of the “post POS age”.  After that, the development of POS facilities across various vertical markets has shown an unstoppable trend towards diversity and mobility!  As far back as 2006, when futurology master John Naisbitt presented 11 definite opinions, the President Barry Lam of today’s largest cloud computing facilities supplier in the world, Quanta Group, also foresaw the Big Data business opportunity and invested in EBN Technologies the following year.  He appointed the then General Manager of Quanta Group’s Cloud Computing Business Division to lead EBN’s operation and integrate the “cloud” back end with the “point” front end.  Henceforth both companies go full steam ahead in product R&D, manufacture, and commercial activities, establishing results consistently.  Meanwhile, an international market was laid out for EBN in preparation for this trend.

This sort of cooperation developed until 2012 and quickly switched into a turning point year, when EBN Technology dropped the traditional mode of IPC product development, en masse, and established the EBN (Enterprise Business Network) Way platform, geared towards businesses.  It used Fast Fourier Transforms, in combination with Intel CPUs and chipset research & development, to make the differential design for its end point calculation equipment, further integrating back-end solutions such as Quanta Group’s cloud computing facilities.  Aside from resolving business operation needs such as immediate mobility and versatility, it also resolved successfully the need for consistency and backward compatibility found in traditional business modes of operation.  2013 and 2015 saw the respective introduction of two major POS terminal equipment series:  NEBU_POS and Dragon Dynasty POS.  These became leaders among their peers and forerunners of “Post POS Era”POS product development.  In the first quarter of 2015, EBN Technology used Dragon Dynasty as a hardware vessel and integrated Chinese F&B and Hotel Management software.  This drove the CPOH (Chinese Point of Hospitality) Plan and provided to Chinese restaurants the world over a POS solution that can give the flair of various different Chinese dynasties.  It also paved the way for the fourth quarter of that same year when, following NEBUPOS, the Mobil Dragon device was introduced.  It broke through key barriers and popularized the mobile terminal computing business model development.

EBN Technology Corp. established the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) business group in the year 2017. In the industrial networking, the machine can interact and communicate with other machines, objects, environment and infrastructure. The results of the communication produce a wealth of information that can be processed and analyzed to provide meaningful and immediate decisions for management and control.

Market Position “Navigator of the Successful Business Model”

EBN’s industrial positioning came from its name: Enterprise Business Navigator, which combines Business Driven with the EBN Way of product development.  It uses a special vertical business model for basic application needs, and adds possible dynamic variabilities to define a macroscope “product specification”.  From there it divides into categories towards a microscope “engineering specification”, and then establishes design, verification, quality control standards, mass production testing process, hardware/software installation procedures, maintenance assemblies and standard operating procedure review and modification.

This Upstream model of product development, the EBN Way, ensures that any EBN customer at any point in the supply chain can, through its application, directly or indirectly strengthen its investment benefit.  It also raises the Return on Investment (ROI) for its capital market’s KPI.  Therefore EBN establishes itself as the “Navigator of Successful Business Models” on the market.

  1. For System Integration Vendors: EBN Way products’ human machine interface specifications and environment compatibility specifications, such as established parameters, calculation speeds, I/O ports, and touch screens, are all closely linked to actual commercial operation scenarios.  Therefore these are the greatest benefactors of the Navigator.
  2. For the Systems Operation Vendor and Repair and Maintenance Vendor: the high level of system stability and easy to main characteristic of EBN’s end point computing equipments greatly lower the Total Ownership Cost of equipment operation, further adding to the operational profit under the EBN Way Navigation.
  3. For Corporate End Users: End Point Calculation Facilities developed under the EBN Way have indirectly become the tools for navigating their business development.  The ways in which these increase commercial operational efficiency, improve overall commercial operation cost control, and diversify Big Data application in various ways, are all chips for expanding EBN Navigation in commercial territories.

Product Range

Fanless BOX PC

  • Boxster 1
  • Boxster 3
  • Boxster 5
  • XSPC
  • XMPC
  • XPOS
  • Private label series
  • BPC10-00
  • BPC11-00
  • BPC30-00
  • BPC40-00
  • BPC90-00
  • BPC91-00

Industrial touch Panel PC

  • Dynasty panel (rear mount PPC)
  • XPPC 7 series
  • XPPC 8 series
  • Private label series

Rugged Tablet

  • XTPC 790
  • XTPC 770
  • Private label series

POS Terminal

  • Dynasty series
    • Baytrail (intelR CPU)
    • Brasswell (intelR CPU)
    • Broadwell (intelR CPU)
  • XPOS 7 series
  • XPOS 8 series
  • Private label series

POS Monitor

  • Dynasty series
    • 15" 4:3
    • 15.6" 16:9
    • 12.1" , 9.7”Retina 9.7” 4:3
    • 10.1" 16:9
  • Private label series

POS Peripherals

  • Second display
  • VFD / VFD-3D
  • MSR / MSR Combo
  • Powered USB hub
  • Scanner
  • Dynasty keyboard
  • Private label series

Wall Hanging POX

  • Dynasty PPC
    • 15"
    • 15.6"
    • 12.1" , 9.7”Retina 9.7” 4:3
    • 10.1" 16:9
  • Dynasty series
    • Baytrail (intelR CPU)
    • Brasswell (intelR CPU)
    • Broadwell (intelR CPU)

Research, Development, and Production Services

Original Design Manufacturer, ODM

EBN’s professional research, development and manufacturing team, highly advantaged as the first class, world leading computer equipment manufacturer, provides brand vendors with dedicated, high quality ODM service.  This service is special in that it considers the special business model application interface’s local needs, long range needs, and their dynamic variations as the three major parameters, from which it forms industrial design (ID), electronics engineering (EE), software (SW), manufacturing equipment (ME), and the reliable all-encompassing EBN Way product specification.  Then it will consider the vertical application scenario to evolve an innovative engineering specification, including standards control and ways to verify quality and trustworthiness for design, mass production, installation, operation, and maintenance procedures.

As clients have very limited control over product design and production under the ODM business model, when quality abnormality problems are encountered for most computing equipment, the most troubling scenario is the NTF (No Trouble Found), meaning that the manufacturer cannot reproduce the abnormal scenario.  Thus is born a new ODM service model, done the EBN Way.  Not only does this model easily breaks through the problems of application incompatibility, as introduced by the fact that tradition ODM services only run product standard design verification procedures, it also creates greater Customer Satisfaction for EBN clients, thereby ensuring their Business Security.

Private-Labeled Manafacture (PLDM)

Vertical application terminal equipments derived through EBN Way's product development model, on hardware platforms, provide a Platform as a Service (PaaS) benefit to brand vendor customers.  Through this, customers can obtain a world class product with which to promote its own service brand.   Without needing large scale investments in product development and production hardware/software mechanisms, they can share in the quality stability and economies of scale brought about by EBN Technology’s massive production framework.

However, if multiple clients place their brands on the same model and market them in the same geographical areas, market clashes may occur.  To combat this situation, the EBN Way established a high efficiency brand filter mechanism.  One, custom branding subjects are limited to regional brand clients, and exclude internationally branded clients.  Two, custom branding clients are limited to clients who provide actual market services as Value-Added Services, and exclude clients who trade pure hardware.  Three, all custom branding clients must regularly list their sales targets, to facility effective management of possible market clashes.  And four, any branded model cannot enter any regional dealership systems.

Global Engineering Lab (GEL)

The Engineering Department of the EBN Way facilitates Global Engineering Labs (GEL) that provides effective operation of global tech support, trouble shooting, defective product repair, and on-site services.  First a well trained brand vendor and value-added dealer will have sufficient technical ability with the product for problem replication, cause analysis, and trouble shooting.  More importantly, they’d have the ability to provide an accurate analysis report, and EBN Technology will use its GEL standards to help them complete the lab facilities, which will be approved by EBN Technology and audited periodically.

The establishment of Global Engineering Labs (GEL) will not only solidify customer and partner relationships, more importantly it enables them to extend such relationships, to face and resolve problems together, and use this mechanism to provide problem feedback to EBN Technology’s Research and Development Unit, circulating and activating the upstream EBN Way product development model.

System Design Authentication and Quality Assurance (SDA & QA)

Quality Comes from Product R&D and Design Authentication Mechanisms:

The quality of developed products is assured by Quanta Group’s supply chain management, highly tempered schematics, more than 8 layers of PCB stack-up, uniform layout of heat producing elements (CPU, core logics, graphics, memory, and POWER MOSFET), eratication of chemical capacitors (EC), singularized PCBA, SMD manufacturing process, and so on.

The structural system’s R&D quality is guaranteed by idiot proof design of assembly mechanisms, which is obtained through techniques for selecting mould steel material, stress minimization, conditions for contingencies, pattern drawing methods, low resistance heat dissipation moulds, and optimization of common conditions. 

System design verification methods for EBN Technology products are an important part of the EBN Way.  The product usage scenarios in various vertical markets for terminal computing devices are used to define the product testing environment’s target temperature and humidity.  Also defined are the power supply environment, compatibility with the external operating system’s related peripherals, testing methods, testing conditions, and suitable dynamic stress.  Margins are reserved for lowering the standard value to ensure that qualitative expectations for the application scenario’s environment are met.  As for quality control standards, aside from thoroughly implementing ISO 9000 and ISO 14000, automated optical inspection (AOI) was also introduced for testing at the production line.  On-site production management and defect-free rate, aside from having to reach functional quality control levels, must also conform to more stringent, more application directed ergonomic (Nice-To-Have) quality control items.  In this way, not only will the terminal device end users benefit, systems integration vendors and system installation/maintenance vendors will also share in the reward of guaranteed quality provided by EBN through its design verification.


EBN Technology commits itself to the research, development, and manufacturing of terminal computing devices.  It focuses not only on high profit structuring but, more importantly, on establishing a vertical market layout for providing localized services.  Through the research of more fundamental calculation methods it creates a richer variety of diversified products and more vertical market applications.  With vigorous client building and establishing deep market roots, EBN secures the greatest benefits for its investors.